Peyton Marion

Ambitious opportunist from the bustling metropolis (HA) of Chester, South Carolina now living in the Washington DC Metro area.

Peyton’s family always had a camera around, but photography and cinematography grabbed a hold of him during his 5-month stint studying abroad in Paris, France. After borrowing his father’s Nikon d3400 without asking so that he could capture the people and sights of 14 unbelievable beautiful countries, Peyton was hooked, and from there he began his never-ending chase for that ever-elusive perfect shot.

Peyton graduated from Clemson University in 2019 with a B.S. in Marketing and utilizes the classroom knowledge he gained in school to provide his clients with more than just images or videos. He prides himself on delivering top-quality work that caters to your top-quality needs.

An adventurous lifestyle and a love for change feed Peyton’s desire to create lifestyle and travel content that stands out. He is constantly inspired and humbled by the work of those around him, and grows in his abilities every time he steps outside with his camera.

Whether you need a promotional video made for your business, an engagement photoshoot, advice on how to run your social media platforms, or branded content for your website, Peyton is here to help.


Editing Softwares I am proficient in:


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